Airing Pain 17: Primary Care and Pain in the Brain

The healthcare professionals transforming pain management, and we take a closer look at how pain is received in the brain.
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Airing Pain 16: Power over Mind and Body

Getting mind and body working together on a pain management programme, and loosening up with hydrotherapy.
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Airing Pain 14: Recent Developments in Nerve Pain and How To Get a Good Night’s Rest

What is a spinal cord stimulator and could it help you to manage your pain? Plus, complex regional pain syndrome, mirror therapy for phantom limbs, and how chronic pain affects and is affected by sleep For a full transcript of this programme please click here. Paul Evans meets Edith M
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Airing Pain 13: Culture, Epidemiology and Back Pain

How culture can affect our experience of pain, a survey of pain in Scotland, pain management programmes and a Q&A session on back pain.
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Airing Pain 12: Trigeminal Neuralgia, Pelvic Pain and Cannabis

Using cannabis as a painkiller, pelvic pain in men and women and living with trigeminal neuralgia.
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Airing Pain 11: Music and Knitting

Paul Evans learns to knit, and, how music can be used for pain relief.
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Airing Pain 10: Young People in Pain

Patients and health professionals at a residential pain management programme in Bath talk about the pain management needs of younger people and the aims of the programme.
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