New Airing Pain – Available Tuesday 7 July

On Tuesday 7 July 2020, Airing Pain returns, with producer Paul Evans looking into opioid medication for chronic pain. Tune in as he speaks to two world-reknowned pain specialists, a GP and a chronic pain patient who maganged to reduce her medication, looking into the opioid addiction
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Pain Matters is 25!

In Spring of 1995, the first Newsletter of the Pain Concern (UK) Lothian Group was issued. The newsletter was printed at a volunteer’s house on ordinary copy paper and had articles from clinicians and patients. Demand grew and by Issue 22 (Autumn 2000) it was Pain Concern News and had
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Pain Matters 75 – Out Monday 25 May

Our new issue, Pain Matters 75, is due to come out on Monday 25 May. As this issue marks the twenty-fifth anniversary of the very first Pain Concern (UK) Lothian Group newsletter, later to become the Pain Matters we know today, we have gone back to where it all started. The Lothian Gr
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New Airing Pain – Out Now

Visiting the forefront of research into pain conditions As research for a Covid-19 vaccine is a priority for the scientific community, this edition of Airing Pain focuses on the roles of researchers, and in particular the many disciplines that come together to increase the understandi
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Covid-19 Challenges and Advice

The Faculty of Pain Medicine has brought together some interesting resources on its website,   Most of the advice is for health professionals, including (despite the title) Covid-19 Guidance for Chron
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Pain Management in Lockdown

Pain specialists from around the world have reviewed ways in which people with chronic pain can continue to be helped using modern technology despite pain treatment centre across the world having closed their doors. Publishing their results in the medical journal Pain, they point out
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Call for Volunteers for a Study to Help Explain Distress and Disability in Chronic Pain

ARE YOU AN ADULT WITH CHRONIC PAIN? Our friends at the University of Warwick Psychology Department’s Sleep & Pain Lab are looking for volunteers to complete a short online questionnaire for their WITHIN study, which aims to help explain distress and disability in chronic pai
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So what is a pandemic anyway?

The terms endemic, epidemic and pandemic are used to describe the way diseases (not just infections) affect populations of humans or animals. The terms epidemic and pandemic have a very similar meaning: an epidemic is a rise in the number of new cases of a disease in a population; a p
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Pain Concern and Covid-19

With the current pandemic causing uncertainty and confusion around the world, we will continue to keep our followers and supporters updated with any news relevant to people living with pain, their friends, family and healthcare professionals. We will strive to do our best to supply al
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Helpline Temporary Closure

*** COVID-19 UPDATE *** We at Pain Concern have made the difficult decision to suspend our Helpline support for the immediate future. The Helpline is staffed by volunteers, some of whom have their own health issues. Given the current situation, we are not able to provide the Helpline
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