Manage your pain

Click on the image below to download the PDF version of this leaflet . Manage your pain A guide to becoming more active and reducing flare-ups Understanding your pain One of the most important steps in learning to manage your pain is developing your understanding of it. This can help
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Airing Pain 90: Back Pain

David Rogers, physiotherapist and co-author of Back to Life, explains persistent back pain and some simple exercises that can help For a full transcript of this programme please click here. This programme was funded by a grant from The Schuh Trust. Back pain causes more disability tha
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Transcript – Programme 88: What to EXPPECT When You’re in Pelvic Pain

We visit the EXPPECT pelvic pain clinic, where women share their experiences and advice for living with persistent bladder and pelvic pain.   To listen to the programme, please click here. Prefer a PDF? Please click here. Paul Evans: This is Airing Pain, a programme brought to yo
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Transcript – Programme 56: Images and Perceptions

Artist’s impressions of pain in the clinic, and clubbing or model railways – why living a good life with pain is in the eye of the beholder
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Transcript – Programme 28: Self-Management: Pacing and communication

Learning to manage pain with Arthritis Care’s self-management programme.
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Transcript – Programme 6: Pacing and Arthritis

How pacing can help people with pain regain control, plus arthritis myth-busting, the future of pain management in the UK and a Q&A session on pain relief
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Airing Pain 73: Foot Pain

Taking care of our feet, plus, why we need toes.
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Breaking Barriers: Self-Management Awareness Week 2015!

New award-winning research reveals self-management as a key route to improvement for people with chronic pain! Pain Concern has just released a new and unique study offering hope to the one-in-five people affected by and living with persistent pain in Scotland. Launched as part of Sel
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Transcript – Programme 7: Exercise and Improving Mobility

Getting back into exercise and improving mobility. Plus, funding for pain services, and how can we best describe pain to a health professional? To listen to this programme, please click here. For a PDF of this transcript please click here. Airing Pain visits the Frenchay Hospital Pain
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Transcript – Programme 58: The Pain Toolkit

Learning to live with it: a toolkit for self-management. To listen to this programme, please click here. Prefer a PDF? Please click here. ‘You have to learn to live with it.’ Pete Moore’s GP told him after running out of treatment options for chronic pain. From his own experiences of
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