Neuropathic pain

What is neuropathic pain? What causes it and how can it be managed?
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TENS for pain relief

People living with long-term pain may be offered treatment with a TENS machine to help ease their symptoms, but what is it? How does it work? And what can it bring to your pain management toolkit? Physiotherapist Dr Pete Gladwell draws upon his clinical experience and research to answ
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Airing Pain 110: Living with Cancer Pain

Living with a diagnosis, what palliative care entails, and non-pharmacological treatments This edition is funded by the Agnes Hunter Trust. According to Cancer Research UK, 50% of all people in England and Wales diagnosed with cancer survive their disease for ten years or more. This e
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Transcript – Programme 9: Relieving Pain: TENS and acupuncture

How acupuncture and TENS can help relieve pain, plus, a new web service aiming to educate health professionals about pain To listen to this programme, please click here. Prefer a PDF? Click here. We take a look at the role of the pain specialist nurse in the community, eavesdropping o
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Transcript – Programme 41: Inside a Multidisciplinary Pain Team

A look at how experts from different backgrounds work together in multidisciplinary pain teams. To listen to this programme, please click here. Prefer a PDF? Please click here. Presenter Paul Evans travels to Northern Ireland to meet a multidisciplinary pain team at Craigavon Area Hos
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