Self-management videos

Pain Concern’s Breaking Barriers self-management videos

The project – Breaking the barriers to self-management

Self-management – we know it’s one of the things that can most improve the lives of people living with pain, but all too often it’s not being put into practice successfully
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What is self-management?

‘You have to want to live again.’ That’s the key to managing pain, according to Diane
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GP consultations

Your GP is likely to be the healthcare professional who’ll be most involved in helping manage persistent pain, but it can sometimes be a difficult relationship
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Medical investigations

Doctors and patients can both get caught up in an almost endless search for a cure or a clear diagnosis of what’s causing the pain. Searching for a medical solution is understandable, but it can delay people in starting to learn to manage their pain
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Pain management programmes

‘Self-management’ doesn’t mean being abandoned to ‘get on with it’ alone. Support can come from healthcare professionals, family, friends, voluntary organisations or support groups
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