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This page col­lects all the video series which Pain Con­cern has pro­duced, includ­ing tran­scripts where possible.

Transcript – Pain Management Programmes

January 15 , 2016
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‘Self-management’ doesn’t mean being abandoned to ‘get on with it’ alone. Support can come from healthcare professionals, family, friends, voluntary organisations or support groups. If pain is having a big impact, pain management programmes can help people to get their lives back on track. This involves focusing on ...

Exploring patients’ experiences: ‘Struggling to be me’ video

March 28 , 2014
A film ‘Struggling to be me’ exploring patients’ experiences of living with chronic musculoskeletal pain, received over 2,000 hits on NIHR youtube within a 12 week period. This film presents the findings from a National Institute of Health Research (NIHR) Health Services & Delivery Research (HS&DR) project [1] ...