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August 31 , 2020
No Comments 123 0789 Pain Concern offers confidential, anonymous and free telephone and email services to individuals in the UK through our helpline. Calls and emails are answered by trained and skilled Helpline volunteers with the aim to support and empower callers. We are members of the Helpline Partnership. What to ...

Information and Editorial Policies

September 10 , 2020
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Information Policy The production and dissemination of information is central to Pain Concern’s mission to help, support and inform those who live with pain and healthcare professionals. By producing good quality information we believe we can make a real difference to the lives of people with pain. All of ...

Transcript – Airing Pain 119: Experts By Experience: Working Together In Pain Management Programmes

November 05 , 2019
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Patient volunteers and healthcare professionals on working together in pain management programmes To listen to the programme, please click here. Prefer a PDFDownload This edition of  Airing Pain has been supported by a grant from the Plum Trust.  In September, the British Pain Society’s special interest group on pain management programmes held ...

Transcript – Airing Pain 118: Pain Management in Young People

October 01 , 2019
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How chronic pain in adolescence requires different pain management strategies.  To listen to this programme, please click here. Prefer a PDF?Download In this edition of Airing Pain, Paul Evans looks at the issues concerning pain amongst adolescents, including the impact on parents. First-off, Paul speaks to Dr Jeremy Gauntlet-Gilbert, principal clinical ...

Self Management

September 03 , 2020
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We know that self management is one of the things that can most improve the lives of people living with pain, but all too often it’s not being put into practice successfully. After speaking to people with pain and healthcare professionals, we’ve been able to put together a ...

Self-Management Navigator Tool

September 02 , 2020
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Chronic pain impacts more than just the body. We know that for people living with pain, raising concerns about wider aspects of health in appointments with their health-care professional is not always easy and their concerns and worries do not always feel relevant. Doctors can also find ...

Transcript – Programme 117: Patients as Research Partners

September 04 , 2019
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Involving patients in researching their own condition – it seems logical, so why is it not more common?  To listen to the programme, please click here. Prefer a PDF?Download This edition was facilitated by the British Pain Society and recorded at their Annual Scientific Meeting 2019. In this edition of Airing Pain, Paul ...


September 03 , 2020
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Transcript – Programme 116: Neuropathic Pain 2 of 2: Latest research

August 06 , 2019
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Half a century worth of research exists on neuropathic pain but what are the latest developments? To listen to this programme, please click here. Prefer a PDF?Download This edition of Airing Pain is facilitated by the neuropathic pain special interest group (NeuPSIG) of the International Association for the Study of Pain (IASP). With the previous ...

Pain Management in Lockdown

April 28 , 2020
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Pain specialists from around the world have reviewed ways in which people with chronic pain can continue to be helped using modern technology despite pain treatment centre across the world having closed their doors. Publishing their results in the medical journal Pain, they point out that telemedicine ...

BOOK REVIEW – Endometriosis Awareness Month

March 04 , 2020
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Please Read This Leaflet Carefully by Karen Havelin Dead Ink Books, 320pp, £11.99 ISBN: 978-1911585541 Published May 2019 Review by Sarah Edwards This novel is written from the perspective of Laura, a young woman with endometriosis. It tracks her life backwards from 2016, as a working mother in New York, all the way ...

Transcript – Programme 115: Neuropathic Pain 1 of 2: Targeted pain management programmes

July 02 , 2019
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Exploring neuropathic pain and the various ways it can be managed To listen to this programme, please click here. Prefer a PDF?Download In this edition of Airing Pain, Paul Evans investigates the ideas behind Pain Management Programmes, and highlights the importance of the patient in shaping their own treatment. Internationally recognised Professor ...
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