Barriers to self-management of chronic pain in primary care

A research project aiming to advance the primary care management of chronic pain
Pain Concern’s Breaking Barriers self-management resources are the result of a two-year research project during which we spoke to people living with pain, carers and healthcare professionals about the barriers that might be preventing the adoption of self-management strategies for chronic pain.


Read the full research study report here.


What people say about the study

‘Your report encapsulates concisely what chronic pain sufferers are exposed to through the NHS care system.’

Person living with pain

‘This is a wonderful piece of work. The focus groups have clearly captured many of the facets that I hear form patients and HCP’s about their experience of living with chronic pain or seeing people living with chronic pain.’

Neil Clark, Physiotherapist, NHS Fife

‘This is really useful. I’ll be involving myself with developing a community-based pain management service in Argyll & Bute and this report will really support this.’

Yennie Van Ooestende, Senior Health Promotion Specialist, NHS Highland


Why did Pain Concern do this research?

Pain Concern Researcher Katy Gordon explains why we decided to carry out the study: ‘Callers to the Pain Concern helpline often spoke of difficult consultations with healthcare professionals that left them feeling unsupported and struggling to manage their pain. We wanted to know why this may be the case and decided to undertake a research project looking into barriers to self-management of chronic pain in primary care. We felt that knowing what barriers might exist would be the first step to bringing about change and ultimately hoped that our report would help more people better to manage their pain.’

You can read the full interview with Katy Gordon about the study here.