A Comparative Review of Suction Vibrators: Rose Toy vs. Dame Aer

The “rose sex toy,” a suction vibrator, has recently gained immense popularity on TikTok, with users praising its almost supernatural ability to induce powerful clitoral orgasms. In our quest to guide readers to the best vibrators, we decided to put the rose toy to the test, examining its reputation, user-friendliness, and affordability.

Revolution of Suction Vibrators: Suction vibrators revolutionized the market when the German brand Womanizer introduced the first of its kind in 2014. This innovative technology has inspired numerous imitators. Unlike traditional vibrators, suction toys use focused air suction on the clitoris, creating a sensation often compared to oral stimulation. Over the past eight years, we’ve tested 10 different suction vibrators, ultimately recommending the gentle and easy-to-position Dame Aer as the top choice for most users.

Rose Toy Impressions: While the rose toy may not be the most user-friendly suction vibrator, it left a lasting impression on our testers. Priced at around $45 compared to the $95 Aer, it provides a more affordable option for those intrigued by its viral fame. A quick Google search reveals various rose toys from different brands, ranging from $30 to $65. Our choice for testing was NS Novelties’s Inya The Rose, known for its reputable retailer and a generous one-year manufacturer’s warranty.

Inya The Rose Performance: Our testers found that Inya The Rose, equipped with three suction levels and seven vibration patterns, lived up to the hype by delivering intense yet comfortable suction stimulation. One tester noted that, unlike other toys, the vibration patterns of the Inya enhanced the experience rather than being a mere annoyance. It boasts an aesthetically pleasing design, efficient performance, quick charging, and quieter operation compared to the Aer.

Recommendation and Comparison: Despite Inya The Rose’s impressive features, we continue to recommend the Dame Aer for several reasons. The Aer’s larger mouth provides a more diffuse and customizable sensation, offering five intensity levels compared to Inya’s three. The Aer’s user-friendly button console allows easy toggling between different stimulation levels, unlike the Inya’s requirement to cycle through 10 settings. The Aer’s slim curved shape is also advantageous during intercourse or when used with penetrative toys due to its space-saving design. Additionally, the Aer comes with a substantial three-year warranty, while the Inya offers coverage for only a year.

Conclusion: In conclusion, individuals seeking intense stimulation or a more budget-friendly suction vibrator might find Inya The Rose to be a worthwhile addition to their sex toy collections. However, for an overall superior and user-friendly experience, the Dame Aer remains our top recommendation.

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