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Airing Pain 22: Pain Support Groups and Facial Expressions

What facial expressions in mice can tell us about pain, managing pain in dementia patients, and finding hope in a pain support group

This programme was funded by a grant from Big Lottery Fund, Awards for All (Scotland) and an educational grant from Pfizer.

People with mental illness and chronic pain often find it difficult to access the treatment they need. Specialist nurse Valerie Conway talks about her work in providing carers with the skills to better look after people with Alzheimer’s and dementia who have pain.

Measuring pain through facial expressions is one way in which health professionals can become more aware of the needs of those who are unable to verbalise their experience. Professor Jeffrey Mogil tells Airing Pain about his work measuring pain responses in the facial expressions of mice and how this could help in understanding human pain and in finding new drug treatments for pain.

We also hear from Sue Clayton about how sharing her experiences and getting pain management advice at a pioneering chronic pain support group in the eighties helped her put her life back together after post-surgical pain.

Issues covered in this programme include: Medical research, dementia, support groups, Alzheimer’s disease, measuring pain, post-surgical pain, learning disabilities, observing behaviour, facial expression, body language, nonverbal communication, communicating pain, educating carers, brain signals, empathetic pain and mutual understanding.


  • Valerie Conway, Clinical Lead, NHS Community Services Chronic Pain, Kent
  • Professor Jeffrey Mogil, Professor of Pain Studies, McGill University
  • Sue Clayton, past member of BPS patient liaison.
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