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Pain Concern’s Navigator Tool Video Series

September 12 , 2018
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New research from Pain Concern offers the prospect of better care for those living with chronic pain. The specially-developed Self-Management Navigator Tool encourages positive communication between people seeking to manage debilitating pain and their healthcare professionals. Coming out of the Breaking Barriers to Chronic Pain in Primary Care research ...

Breaking Barriers #1: The project – Breaking the barriers to self-management

September 01 , 2015
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Self-management – we know it’s one of the things that can most improve the lives of people living with pain, but all too often it’s not being put into practice successfully. After speaking to people with pain and healthcare professionals, we’ve been able to put together a clearer ...

Breaking Barriers #2: What is self-management?

September 02 , 2015
‘You have to want to live again.’ That’s the key to managing pain, according to Diane. It can be a long, winding road, but many people living with pain have learned strategies that help them to get the most out of life alongside their condition, rather than ...

Breaking Barriers #3: Emotional impact of chronic pain

September 03 , 2015
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Pain can involve a lot of loss – of friendships, work or plans for the future. The emotional impact of these losses as well as of the pain itself often hits people hard. People with long term pain can find themselves struggling with low mood, depression, anxiety and ...

Breaking Barriers #4: GP consultations

September 04 , 2015
Your GP is likely to be the healthcare professional who’ll be most involved in helping manage persistent pain, but it can sometimes be a difficult relationship. People in pain and their GPs both often feel that there isn’t enough time to deal with a problem as complex ...

Breaking Barriers #5: Medical investigations

September 05 , 2015
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Doctors and patients can both get caught up in an almost endless search for a cure or a clear diagnosis of what’s causing the pain. Searching for a medical solution is understandable, but it can delay people in starting to learn to manage their pain. With the right ...

Breaking Barriers #6: Pain management programmes

September 22 , 2015
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‘Self-management’ doesn’t mean being abandoned to ‘get on with it’ alone. Support can come from healthcare professionals, family, friends, voluntary organisations or support groups. If pain is having a big impact, pain management programmes can help people to get their lives back on track. This involves focusing on ...

Exploring patients’ experiences: ‘Struggling to be me’ video

March 28 , 2014
A film ‘Struggling to be me’ exploring patients’ experiences of living with chronic musculoskeletal pain, received over 2,000 hits on NIHR youtube within a 12 week period. This film presents the findings from a National Institute of Health Research (NIHR) Health Services & Delivery Research (HS&DR) project [1] ...