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Breaking Barriers #5: Medical investigations

Doc­tors and patients can both get caught up in an almost end­less search for a cure or a clear diag­no­sis of what’s caus­ing the pain. Search­ing for a med­ical solu­tion is under­stand­able, but it can delay peo­ple in start­ing to learn to man­age their pain.

With the right sup­port and guid­ance from health­care pro­fes­sion­als, peo­ple can move towards play­ing an active role in their care, often becom­ing less depen­dent on medication.

Top tip: results on MRI scans don’t usu­al­ly help us to under­stand what’s behind per­sis­tent back pain – many peo­ple with­out pain will have ‘bulging discs’.

Find out more: Pain Concern’s leaflets on med­i­cines, such as Opi­oids, Anti­de­pres­sants, Amitripty­line and Gabapentin & Pre­ga­balin have real­ly help­ful advice on using pain med­ica­tions effec­tive­ly and how to reduce your med­ica­tions safely.

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