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Privacy Policy

How we respect privacy when we deal with personal information collected by our organisation

This Pri­va­cy Pol­i­cy applies to infor­ma­tion we Pain Con­cern col­lect about indi­vid­u­als who inter­act with our organ­i­sa­tion. It explains what per­son­al infor­ma­tion we col­lect and how we use it.

If you have any com­ments or ques­tions about this notice, feel free to con­tact us at

1. Personal data that we process

The fol­low­ing table explains the types of data we col­lect and the legal basis, under cur­rent data pro­tec­tion leg­is­la­tion, on which this data is processed.

Pur­poseData Basis
Enquir­ing about our organ­i­sa­tion and its workName, email, messageLegit­i­mate inter­ests — it is nec­es­sary for us to read and store your mes­sage so that we can respond in the way that you would expect.
Sub­scrib­ing to email updates about our workName, emailCon­sent — you have giv­en your active consent.
Request­ing leafletsName, email, addressCon­sent – you have giv­en your active consent.
Mak­ing a donationName, email, address, pay­ment informationLegit­i­mate inter­ests — this infor­ma­tion is nec­es­sary for us to ful­fil your inten­tion of donat­ing mon­ey and your expec­ta­tion of receiv­ing a con­fir­ma­tion message.
Sign­ing up as a memberName, email, address, pay­ment informationCon­tract — by pay­ing your mem­ber­ship fees you have entered into a con­trac­tu­al rela­tion­ship with us as set out in our Mem­o­ran­dum and Arti­cles of Association
Pur­chas­ing publicationsName, email, address, pay­ment informationCon­tract — by pay­ing for pub­li­ca­tions you enter into a con­trac­tu­al rela­tion­ship with us where­by we under­take to ful­fil your order
Web­site functionalityWeb­site activ­i­ty col­lect­ed through cookiesLegit­i­mate inter­ests — it is nec­es­sary for us to store a small amount of infor­ma­tion, usu­al­ly through cook­ies, to deliv­er func­tion­al­i­ty that you would expect, such as remem­ber­ing the con­tents of your order before you have ful­ly com­plet­ed the process.

2. How we use your data

We will only use your data in a man­ner that is appro­pri­ate con­sid­er­ing the basis on which that data was col­lect­ed, as set out in the table at the top of this policy.

For exam­ple, we may use your per­son­al infor­ma­tion to:

  • reply to enquiries you send to us;
  • han­dle dona­tions or oth­er trans­ac­tions that you initiate;
  • where you have specif­i­cal­ly agreed to this, send you mar­ket­ing com­mu­ni­ca­tions by email relat­ing to our work which we think may be of inter­est to you.

3. When we share your data

We will only pass your data to third par­ties in the fol­low­ing circumstances:

  • you have pro­vid­ed your explic­it con­sent for us to pass data to a named third party;
  • we are using a third par­ty pure­ly for the pur­pos­es of pro­cess­ing data on our behalf and we have in place a data pro­cess­ing agree­ment with that third par­ty that ful­fils our legal oblig­a­tions in rela­tion to the use of third par­ty data proces­sors; or
  • we are required by law to share your data.

In addi­tion, we will only pass data to third par­ties out­side of the EU where appro­pri­ate safe­guards are in place as defined by Arti­cle 46 of the Gen­er­al Data Pro­tec­tion Regulation.

4. How long we keep your data

We take the prin­ci­ples of data min­imi­sa­tion and removal seri­ous­ly and have inter­nal poli­cies in place to ensure that we only ever ask for the min­i­mum amount of data for the asso­ci­at­ed pur­pose and delete that data prompt­ly once it is no longer required.

Where data is col­lect­ed on the basis of con­sent, we will seek renew­al of con­sent at least every three years.

5. Rights you have over your data

You have a range of rights over your data, which include the following:

  • Where data pro­cess­ing is based on con­sent, you may revoke this con­sent at any time and we will make it as easy as pos­si­ble for you to do this (for exam­ple by putting ‘unsub­scribe’ links at the bot­tom of all our mar­ket­ing emails).
  • You have the right to ask for rec­ti­fi­ca­tion and/or dele­tion of your information.
  • You have the right of access to your information.
  • You have the right to lodge a com­plaint with the Infor­ma­tion Com­mis­sion­er if you feel your rights have been infringed.

A full sum­ma­ry of your legal rights over your data can be found on the Infor­ma­tion Commissioner’s web­site here.

If you would like to access the rights list­ed above, or any oth­er legal rights you have over your data under cur­rent leg­is­la­tion, please get in touch with us.

Please note that rely­ing on some of these rights, such as the right to delet­ing your data, will make it impos­si­ble for us to con­tin­ue to deliv­er some ser­vices to you. How­ev­er, where pos­si­ble we will always try to allow the max­i­mum access to your rights while con­tin­u­ing to deliv­er as many ser­vices to you as possible.

6. Cookies & usage tracking

A cook­ie is a small file of let­ters and num­bers that is down­loaded on to your com­put­er when you vis­it a web­site. Cook­ies are used by many web­sites and can do a num­ber of things, eg remem­ber­ing your pref­er­ences, record­ing what you have put in your shop­ping bas­ket, and count­ing the num­ber of peo­ple look­ing at a website.

Where cook­ies are used to col­lect per­son­al data, we list these pur­pos­es in sec­tion 1 above, along with oth­er per­son­al data that we col­lect. How­ev­er, we also use some cook­ies that do not col­lect per­son­al infor­ma­tion but that do help us col­lect anony­mous infor­ma­tion about how peo­ple use our web­site. We use Google Ana­lyt­ics for this pur­pose.  Google Ana­lyt­ics gen­er­ates sta­tis­ti­cal and oth­er infor­ma­tion about web­site usage by means of cook­ies, which are stored on users’ com­put­ers. The infor­ma­tion col­lect­ed by Google Ana­lyt­ics about usage of our web­site is not per­son­al­ly iden­ti­fi­able. The data is col­lect­ed anony­mous­ly, stored by Google and used by us to cre­ate reports about web­site usage. Google’s pri­va­cy pol­i­cy is avail­able at

You can read our full Cook­ie Pol­i­cy here.

7. Modifications

We may mod­i­fy this Pri­va­cy Pol­i­cy from time to time and will pub­lish the most cur­rent ver­sion on our web­site. If a mod­i­fi­ca­tion mean­ing­ful­ly reduces your rights, we’ll noti­fy peo­ple whose per­son­al data we hold and is affected.