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Breaking Barriers – The Project

Self-management – we know it’s one of the things that can most improve the lives of people living with pain, but all too often it’s not being put into practice successfully.

After speaking to people with pain and healthcare professionals, we’ve been able to put together a clearer picture of what is going wrong and how we might make things better.

Watch the videos below.

You can read a short interview with Pain Concern Researcher Katy Gordon about the study here.

Transcripts are available for all the videos

#1 The Project

#2 What is Self Management?

#3 Emotional Impact of Chronic Pain

#4 GP Consultations

#5 Medical Investigations

#6 Pain Management Programmes

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Barriers to Self-Management

You can download and read the full report from Pain Concern’s research study, Barriers to Self-Management of Chronic Pain in Primary Care here, as well as viewing the associated, award-winning poster.

Breaking Barriers - the Video Series