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Breaking Barriers #3: Emotional impact of chronic pain

Pain can involve a lot of loss – of friend­ships, work or plans for the future. The emo­tion­al impact of these loss­es as well as of the pain itself often hits peo­ple hard.

Peo­ple with long term pain can find them­selves strug­gling with low mood, depres­sion, anx­i­ety and iso­la­tion – this can in turn make the pain worse. It’s impor­tant to tack­le these emo­tion­al impacts of pain as well as treat­ing the pain. This doesn’t mean that the pain is ‘all in the mind’.

Top tip: learn more about pain. Many peo­ple find that, like Car­men and Diane, under­stand­ing more about their pain makes them less anx­ious and can help them to start becom­ing more active.

Find out more: improve your under­stand­ing of pain by listening to Pain Con­cern’s inter­view with Lorimer Mosley, one of the authors of Explain Pain.

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