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Airing Pain 40: Children in Pain

The pain management needs of children and young people and the impact of their pain on family life

This programme was funded by Pain Concern’s supporters and friends.

This programme focuses on pain in children and young people, including the different needs they have and the unique challenges that their care presents compared to adult patients.

Paul Evans and Christine Johnston talk to experts at children’s hospitals in Edinburgh and Glasgow about the strategies they use for helping young people to cope with pain. Although there are obvious differences between treating an infant and a teenager, the aim is always to enable young people in pain to live the fullest lives they can, while minimising the effects on their education and socialisation.

We also consider the wider impact of a young person in pain upon the family unit and we hear from Sam Mason about how chronic pain has impacted his life at home and at school.

Issues covered in this programme include: Children, young people, family, parents, school, hormonal imbalance, psychology, physiotherapy, psychosocial development, communicating pain, TENS, ENM, musculoskeletal pain, acupuncture, breathing exercises and peer support.


  • Jean Eadie, Paediatric Physiotherapist, Royal Hospital for Sick Children, Yorkhill, Glasgow
  • Pamela Cupples, Consultant Anaesthetist, Royal Hospital for Sick Children, Yorkhill, Glasgow
  • Mary Rose, Consultant Anaesthetist, Pain Clinic, Royal Hospital for Sick Children, Edinburgh
  • Sam and Lynn Mason, Patient and family member
  • Mandy Sim, Pain Management Nurse, Pain Clinic, Royal Hospital for Sick Children, Edinburgh.
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