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Airing Pain 7: Exercise and Improving Mobility

Getting back into exercise and improving mobility. Plus, funding for pain services, and how can we best describe pain to a health professional?

Airing Pain visits the Frenchay Hospital Pain Clinic in Bristol where we hear from staff and patients. Paul Evans sits in on a consultation with physiotherapist Pete Gladwell and hears the advice given to one patient about how to increase her mobility and exercise without causing flare up. We learn about how to talk to your health professional and the different ways of assessing pain. Also covered is how well funded Pain Care is by the health services, and the patients at Frenchay tell us their stories of living with and managing pain.

Issues covered in this programme include: Exercise, mobility, pain service funding, describing pain, educating health professionals, spinal injury, back pain, vertebroplasty, physiotherapy, activity, flare-up, acupuncture, musculoskeletal, primary and secondary care, joint pain and depression.


  • Dr Cathy Stannard, Pain Specialist, Frenchay Hospital Pain Clinic, Bristol
  • Pete Gladwell, Physiotherapist, Frenchay Hospital Pain Clinic, Bristol
  • Sister Rose Marriot, Pain Nurse, Frenchay Hospital Pain Clinic, Bristol
  • Ron Watt, Patient, Frenchay Hospital Pain Clinic, Bristol
  • Mrs Margaret Howdle, Patient, Frenchay Hospital Pain Clinic, Bristol.
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