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Airing Pain 92: Diabetic Neuropathy

Watch your step: with 80% of amputations preventable with the proper care, we discuss diabetic neuropathy & why we should treat our feet   

This programme was funded by a grant from The Schuh Trust.

There are around 4.5 million people living with diabetes in the UK, and every day more than 20 leg, foot or toe amputations are carried out as a result of diabetic neuropathy. This is particularly shocking, as four out of five of these amputations could have been avoided with proper care.[1]

People with diabetes are often bombarded with advice on diet and exercise, however as with any long term condition it can affect all aspects of life. In this episode of Airing Pain we talk to Linda McGlynn from Diabetes Scotland and clinical specialist physiotherapist Ben Davies.

Linda explains how diabetes affects the nervous system and why it’s so important to look after our feet. Ben describes some the results of his research into support for those with painful diabetic neuropathy, and why diabetes specialists left feeling “clinically impotent” should look towards the pain community for inspiration.

Issues covered in this programme include: Amputation, diabetes, diabetic neuropathy, diet, exercise, foot pain, gabapentin, heart disease, limb pain, loss of sensation, neuropathic pain, numbness, pregabalin and strokes.


  • Ben Davies, Clinical Specialist Physiotherapist in Pain Management
  • Linda McGlynn, Patient and NHS Engagement Manager at Diabetes Scotland.

More information:

[1]   Figures courtesy of &

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