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Airing Pain 32: Pain Management Programmes

What is a pain management programme? We find out more with the patients and staff on the Glasgow programme

This programme was funded by Pain Concern’s supporters and friends.

Airing Pain sheds some light on pain management programmes: what they are, and how they can help. Paul Evans pays a visit to the Glasgow Pain Management Programme where he talks to health professionals and patients.

The programme’s clinical lead, consultant clinical psychologist Martin Dunbar, explains how his team help patients rebuild their lives despite continuing to experience pain. We hear patients on the programme speak about how they have benefited from sharing their experiences and better understanding their pain and Lyn Watson, the programme’s specialist nurse, talks about how she helps patients to manage their medications and get the most out of medical appointments.

Issues covered in this programme include: Patient experience, residential programme, multidisciplinary, neck and shoulder pain, anxiety, peer support, medication, drugs, managing appointments, fibromyalgia, depression, mindfulness and relationships.


  • Martin Dunbar, Consultant Clinical Psychologist, Glasgow
  • Lyn Watson, Nurse Specialist, Glasgow Pain Management Programme.
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