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Airing Pain 114: You, Your Drugs, and the Law: Gabapentinoids and medicinal cannabis

How does the law affect people who use drugs to manage their pain?

This edition is funded by Foundation Scotland

On 1 April 2019 Pregabalin and Gabapentin, drugs recommended for the management of neuropathic pain, were re-classified as class C controlled substances.

Medicinal Cannabis: Is it safe? Does it work for pain? Is it legal?
Where do people who use these drugs to manage their chronic pain now stand within UK law?

Issues covered in this programme include: Cannabinoids, cannabis, epilepsy, seizures, drugs, medication, policy, gabapentin, classification, legality, prescription, neuropathic pain, pregabalin, Schedule One drugs and Schedule Two drugs.


  • Blair Smith, Consultant in Pain Medicine at NHS Tayside, and National Lead Clinician for Chronic Pain in Scotland
  • Steve Alexander, Associate Professor in Molecular Pharmacology at Nottingham University
  • Cameron Rashide who lives with neuropathic pain.
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The government’s decision is ridiculous. What are we supposed to take for nerve pain going forward? Holy water? Can we regain some common sense please?
And btw it is has zero rewarding properties as a medication

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Madeline carol Monaf

Im in pain most of the time it stops me doing most things and when its at its worse like to day I THINK IS IT WORTH LIVING JUST TO GET AWAYS FROM THE PAIN I would like to try UK medical cannabis to see if it helps with the pain

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