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Airing Pain 30: SUCCESSful Research into Chronic Conditions

How a patient group is get­ting involved in set­ting health pol­i­cy for chron­ic conditions

This pro­gramme was fund­ed by Pain Concern’s sup­port­ers and friends.

How can patients with chron­ic pain get involved with research into man­ag­ing their con­di­tion? Pro­duc­er Paul Evans talks to SUCCESS (Service Users with Chron­ic Condi­tions Encour­ag­ing Sensi­ble Solu­tions), a group of patients, car­ers and for­mer patients with expe­ri­ence of chron­ic con­di­tions who work with researchers at Swansea Uni­ver­si­ty. The ser­vice users get involved with advis­ing research teams work­ing on health­care pol­i­cy, ensur­ing that patients’ pri­or­i­ties are reflect­ed in social research and pol­i­cy and that researchers get the ben­e­fits of the ser­vice users’ expertise.

Issues cov­ered in this pro­gramme include: Med­ical research, pol­i­cy, patient involve­ment, patient voice, patient expe­ri­ence, com­mu­ni­ty health ser­vice, drugs, foot pain, dia­betes, clin­i­cal study, head injury, mem­o­ry and anky­los­ing spondylitis.


  • Angela Evans, Research Offi­cer, Swansea University
  • David Rae, Col­lege of Human and Health Sci­ence, Swansea University
  • Mem­bers of SUCCESS, includ­ing Mostyn Toghill, John Fly­nn, Angela Evans & Jill Edge.


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