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Shoe shopping tips

Fol­low­ing our shoe shop­ping tips might help you to reduce or pre­vent foot pain

1. Try before you buy

Avoid buy­ing online unless you’ve tried on in store first or you’ve checked the site has a good returns policy.

2. Rule of thumb

You should have a thumb’s width between the end of the shoe and your toes.

3. Wrig­gle room

The toe of the shoe should be deep enough that you can com­fort­ably wrig­gle your toes around.

4. What about width?

Some retail­ers mea­sure and fit shoes by width as well as length. If either side of the ball of your foot is pressed hard against the side of the shoe, look for a wider size or a dif­fer­ent model.

5. How high?

For shoes you’ll wear reg­u­lar­ly, aim for heels no more than two fin­ger widths high. High­er heels are ok occa­sion­al­ly, but just for a few hours.

6. Mate­ri­als matter

Go for breath­able, tem­per­a­ture-reg­u­lat­ing mate­ri­als – leather, Gore-Tex or mesh on sports shoes.

7. Fas­ten­ings

Laces, buck­les, Vel­cro, elas­ti­cat­ed… what­ev­er the fas­ten­ing, make sure the shoe fits snug­ly and secure­ly over the top of the foot and back of the ankle.

8. Get a grip

A good, grip­py out­er sole helps main­tain bal­ance and reduce the risk of strain or injury from slipping.


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