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Airing Pain 105: Singing, Laughter, Speech and Pleasure

Singing, laughing and the feel good factor; Pain management, the fun way

This edition was funded by the Charles Wolfson Charitable Trust.

The British Pain Society’s Annual Scientific Meeting (ASM) allows the multidisciplinary nature of the society to be reflected through seminars, scientific programmes, lectures, and workshops. Participants can attend various exhibitions, social events, and seminars to have well-rounded experiences on the subject of pain.

In 2017, the BPS presented their Wellness Zone, coordinated by the Dorset Community Pain Service, to allow ‘wellbeing’ focused topics to have a platform. At the Wellness Zone, Paul speaks to Sarah Sturman, Dorset Community Pain Service physiotherapist, about Laughing Yoga. Sturman proposes that we are increasingly finding that emotional health is just as important as physical health, and that Laughing Yoga allows us to celebrate socialising and the natural human attributes of silliness and fun.

Paul also speaks to Pain Concern’s own Renée Blomkvist about how pain can affect the way we project ourselves into the world, and how self-management can help find an identity.

Going even further back to the BPS ASM 2016, Paul talks to psychologist Dr Brock Bastion on the nature of happiness and pain. Dr Bastion’s speaks about his work looking into the nuances of pain and negativity, and how society’s view that you “should” be happy creates more pressure and stress.

Issues covered in this programme include: Anxiety, arts and crafts, breathing exercises, cannabinoids, depression, laughing yoga, mental health, mindfulness, opioids, physiotherapy, alternative therapies, psychology, stress, seminar, singing, group support, wellbeing and workshops.


  • Sarah Sturman, Specialist Pain Physiotherapist, Dorset Community Pain Service
  • Dr Brock Bastian, Associate Professor in the School of Psychological Sciences, University of Melbourne
  • Renée Blomkvist, Medical Anthropologist, Pain Concern Researcher.
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