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Airing Pain 132: When Children Have Arthritis

How do you iden­ti­fy ill­ness in young chil­dren and cop­ing as a family.

This Air­ing Pain was record­ed at the Scot­tish Net­work for Arthri­tis in Chil­dren SNAC’s 2022 Fam­i­ly Week­end at Crieff Hydro, which brings togeth­er fam­i­lies recent­ly affect­ed by juve­nile idio­path­ic arthri­tis and some of the country’s lead­ing pae­di­atric rheuma­tol­ogy experts. 

Issues cov­ered in this pro­gramme include:

juve­nile idio­path­ic arthri­tis, autoim­mune dis­ease, cop­ing as a fam­i­ly, rheuma­tol­ogy, pae­di­atrics, sup­port net­works, iden­ti­fy­ing ill­ness in young chil­dren, move­ment and exercise

Time Stamps:

min­utes: seconds

00:00 — intro­duc­tion to SNAC’s fam­i­ly week­end by Sharon Dou­glas
04:03 — intro­duc­tion to juve­nile idio­path­ic arthri­tis by Julie Dun­can
07:13 — how does juve­nile idio­path­ic arthri­tis present?
09:00 — what is SNAC and per­son­al sto­ries from a par­ent.
12:56 — par­ent of a child with juve­nile idio­path­ic arthri­tis shares how they first spot­ted it.
14:42 — Vanes­sa Rai­mon­do dis­cuss­es med­ica­tion options for juve­nile idio­path­ic arthri­tis.
18:44 — par­ents & chil­dren share their sto­ries.
21:33 — Vanes­sa Rai­mon­do dis­cuss­es med­ica­tion side effects.
23:57 — Ali­son Ross dis­cuss­es cop­ing mech­a­nisms for juve­nile idio­path­ic arthri­tis & more on med­ica­tions and treat­ments.
30:23 — par­ent of a child with juve­nile idio­path­ic arthri­tis on her daugh­ter’s jour­ney with JIA, med­ica­tions and diag­no­sis.
31:15 — cop­ing as a par­ent of a child with juve­nile idio­path­ic arthri­tis.
31: 54 — cop­ing with juve­nile idio­path­ic arthri­tis as a fam­i­ly
34: 29 — par­ents of a child with juve­nile idio­path­ic arthri­tis share their fam­i­ly’s sto­ry.
39:10 — how does juve­nile idio­path­ic arthri­tis make the chil­dren who suf­fer from it feel?
41: 18 — fam­i­ly from Shet­land share their sto­ry of hav­ing a child with JIA in a remote area.
43:27 — Jo Walsh tells us about SPARN (Scot­tish Pae­di­atric & Ado­les­cent Rheuma­tol­ogy Net­work) and how they sup­port fam­i­lies with JIA.
47:00 — how to han­dle the tran­si­tion from chil­dren’s health ser­vices to young adult ser­vices.
48:06 — Vanes­sa Rai­mon­do tells us about what we can do (aside from med­ica­tions) to man­age JIA.
49:27 — young per­son shares their expe­ri­ence of juve­nile idio­path­ic arthri­tis and still enjoy­ing sports, exer­cise and suc­cess grow­ing old­er with JIA.
54:20 — Sharon Dou­glas, chair­per­son and co-founder of SNAC, con­clu­sion and rais­ing aware­ness about JIA.

Spe­cial Thanks:

This pro­gramme exists due to fund­ing from Tre­foil House Organ­i­sa­tion­al Grants, the New Park Edu­ca­tion­al Trust and WCH Trust for Chil­dren.


  • Par­ents (and their chil­dren) of 23 chil­dren between the ages of 5 and 14 who have juve­nile idio­path­ic arthritis. 
  • Sharon Dou­glas — SNAC (Scot­tish Net­work for Arthri­tis in Chil­dren) chair­per­son & co-founder. 
  • Julie Dun­can – Gen­er­al Pae­di­a­tri­cian NHS Loth­i­an Dis­trict Gen­er­al Rheuma­tol­ogy Clinic. 
  • Vanes­sa Rai­mon­do — Rheuma­tol­ogy Nurse based in Edinburgh. 
  • Ali­son Ross – Children’s Arthri­tis Nurse work­ing in Aberdeen. 
  • Jo Walsh – Pae­di­ac­tric Rheuma­tol­o­gist based in Glas­gow, work­ing as part of SPARN (Scot­tish Pae­di­atric and Ado­les­cent Rheuma­tol­ogy Network). 

More Infor­ma­tion: