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New report highlights a number of potential barriers to self-management of chronic pain

A research study car­ried out by Pain Con­cern has iden­ti­fied a range of com­mon bar­ri­ers which can make the facil­i­ta­tion and adop­tion of self-man­age­ment of chron­ic pain more difficult.

The study focused on the par­tic­i­pants’ expe­ri­ences of pri­ma­ry care and data was gath­ered from peo­ple liv­ing with chron­ic pain, car­ers and a wide range of pri­ma­ry care health­care pro­fes­sion­als. The study high­light­ed a range of com­mon­ly occur­ring bar­ri­ers includ­ing those formed dur­ing one-to-one inter­ac­tions between patient and health­care pro­fes­sion­als and those imposed by the con­straints of the wider NHS organ­i­sa­tion. The often lengthy and incon­clu­sive patient jour­ney towards diag­no­sis and treat­ment, the emo­tion­al impact of pain, the need for ongo­ing sup­port and a pure­ly med­ical approach were also high­light­ed as poten­tial oppor­tu­ni­ties for bar­ri­ers to form.

The report ‘Bar­ri­ers to self-man­age­ment of chron­ic pain in pri­ma­ry care’ is the first phase of a two-year project fund­ed by the Self-Man­age­ment IMPACT Fund and the Edin­burgh and Loth­i­ans Health Foun­da­tion, which aims to advance the pri­ma­ry care man­age­ment of chron­ic pain. The find­ings of the research study will be utilised in phase two of the project, run­ning through 2015, to devel­op and pilot resources which may help to reduce some of the bar­ri­ers high­light­ed in the ini­tial research.

The full report and find­ings can be found here.

For more infor­ma­tion or if you have any ques­tions about the study, please con­tact Katy Gor­don at Pain Con­cern –, 0131 6695951 or Pain Con­cern, Unit 1–3, 62–66 New­craighall Road, Edin­burgh, EH15 3HS