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Pain Concern learns about a new health and wellbeing app.

Soulight – your mobile well-being companion

Pain Concern spoke to Maciej Zurawski, Founder & CEO of Musemantik about his new app ‘Soulight’.

“Soulight is a free mobile app for alleviating mental distress, incl. stress, depression and anxiety, both  for healthy individuals and those with some condition. However, we also believe it has great potential to help those with chronic pain. Soulight uses colours, music, emoticons and simple words to help the user to find their emotional state, to bring awareness to it in a mindful way, and to lead the user towards a better emotional state (using musical journeys). It has a user-friendly interface and is focusing on your emotional experience, but at the same time, is based in several scientific principles.” Maciej Zurawski, Founder & CEO of Musemantik

The app is currently undergoing beta testing and is available for Android smartphones and tablets for those interested to help Musemantik test it. Anyone interested to test Soulight can sign up here by clicking on “try it free”. You will then receive an email with detailed instructions to download the app. In a few weeks Soulight will be directly available from Google Play. In the future it will be available for iPhone and iPad (sign up using the same link and you will receive an email).

You can follow Musemantik on Facebook and Twitter 

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