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Inside Issue 86: Living with pain is a team effort. This magazine has been guest-edited by the Powys Living Well Service (PLWS) team in Bronllys Hospital, Powys, Wales. The Welsh Government has been beneficial in supporting the existence of this programme. This issue focuses on PLWS’ specific pain management approaches: technological, physical and digital.

The person-centred approach

Throughout their writing and work, PLWS emphasises and highlights the person living with pain. In this issue, the articles range from a discussion about the pillars of pain management, the presence of digital support within PLWS, movement services at PLWS for long-term pain management, and a book review on Ray Owen’s Living with the Enemy.

Also in Issue 86, following on from Airing Pain Programme 142 on societal inequalities and disparities in pain management, we referenced Dale Rockell’s recent Airing Pain review.

You can read an excerpt from the magazine, about bringing virtual care to a rural community by Charles Patterson, Digital Facilitator at PLWS .

This magazine can also be bought digitally.