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Tag: nerve pain

Gabapentin and Pregabalin Leaflet

May 19 , 2022
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Take me to the leaflet This leaflet is about gabapentin and pregabalin, two drugs which are part of a group sometimes called gabapentinoids. The leaflet by pain specialist Dr John Lee will give you some background about gabapentin and pregabalin and help you to understand how to use ...

Neuropathic Pain Leaflet

October 05 , 2022
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Take me to the leaflet What is neuropathic pain? What causes it and how can it be managed? Pain specialists Dr John Lee and Dr Alan Fayaz explain the condition and provide information on the treatment options available. Includes CausesMedicationsTreatmentsUnderstanding neuropathic pain ...


July 12 , 2019
Find out about amitriptyline, how it works and the side effects that you might experience when first taking it.