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Tag: unemployment

Airing Pain 76: Pain, Poverty and Employment

December 11 , 2015
1 Comment
How to break the links between poverty, pain and unemployment This edition is funded by a grant from the Moffatt Charitable Trust. In the second programme in our 'Good Work' double bill we hear how people in pain and their families are affected by barriers to employment and support. Kieran ...

Airing Pain 49: The Impact of Pain on Society

December 06 , 2013
1 Comment
Talking to representatives from a variety of pain organisations, including the Trigeminal Neuralgia Association, about the wide-reaching impact that pain has on society This edition has been funded by a grant from the Scottish Government. Christine Johnston heads to Brussels to investigate the impact that pain has on society ...

Airing Pain 36: Societal Impact of Pain

July 04 , 2012
1 Comment
Evaluating the cost of chronic pain to society and improving public health policy on pain This programme was funded by an educational grant from Grünenthal. In this programme we explore issues affecting the management of chronic pain across the diverse societies of Europe. In May 2012 over 400 delegates representing ...

Airing Pain 20: The Social Costs of Pain

November 17 , 2011
1 Comment
The societal and economic impact of pain and driving pain up the agenda This programme was funded by an educational grant from Grünenthal. Pain has a huge impact not just on individuals but also on society, healthcare systems and the economy. Airing Pain takes a look at how the ...