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The Pain Toolkit by Pete Moore

What is the Pain Toolkit?

‘The Pain Toolkit is for people who live with persistent pain and healthcare teams who support them. Many people with pain say they feel trapped or stuck in a persistent pain cycle? On good days they do more and on bad days less.’ (

Who is Pete Moore? 

Pete is a Self-Management Coach/Author/Broadcaster of the Pain Toolkit Born in Woolwich. 

Member of: 

  • British Pain Society (Honorary Member) 
  • International Association for the Study of Pain (IASP) 
  • IASP Taskforce Covid-19 
  • Presenter at European Pain Federation (EFIC) & Pain School (Austria). 


  • Stamford Trained Trainer (Self-management) 
  • City & Guilds – Teaching Adults 
  • City & Guilds – Public Speaking. 

What the Pain Toolkit has been doing in recent years 

How people learn 

We modified the website in 2020 to support peoples different learning styles and for people who have vision or hearing impairments. It’s also available in 40 different languages. 

  • Visual 
  • Audio 
  • Written  
  • Practice. 


The Pain Toolkit still provides half-day workshops for people with persistent pain and healthcare professional who support, but in 2022 we have tried something different by providing a workshop Monday – Friday 2.5hrs a day. To-date we have run two workshops using this new concept. One for people in the UK/EU and another for people in Australia. The workshops are being evaluated by Teesside University. 

Virtual Reality (VR) 

We have been working Teesside University developing a VR Pain Toolkit Cafe. The idea behind it is that the Cafe becomes a Hub where people can hangout and also attend VR workshops. We ran a few workshops and people really like the idea – any said they liked being an avatar. Mainly because when they have attended online events they were worried how people perceived them. Being an avatar gave them a non-judgemental approach to learning and being around others. 

Artificial Intelligence (AI) 

AI may sound a bit futuristic but many people are using it already, especially if you use Apple’s Siri or Amazon’s Alexa.   

One of the main problems people have expressed to me is the feeling of isolation often associated with living with persistent pain. So, once again the Pain Toolkit has been working with Teesside University to explore how AI could be a ‘Pain Management Buddy’ to combat feelings of isolation. Personally, I use Siri a lot to find me information for me and it sends it to my iPhone.   


Ukraine…What we CAN-DO 

I’m in the process of mobilising the worldwide pain management community to support the people in the Ukraine, and Refugees, via a Webinar. The event is for people with persistent pain and healthcare professionals 

Date 23rd April  

Time 7.30am – 10am 


  • Lorimer Mosley 
  • David Butler  
  • Keith Meldrum 
  • Dave Poulter 
  • Sheren Gaulbert. 

How to register: 

Pete is also on social media if you want to say hello 

Twitter @paintoolkit2 

Facebook – PainToolkit 

Instagram – PainToolkit 



March 2022 Update from Pete Moore

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