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Airing Pain 120: Osteoporosis

How we pre­vent, man­age and diag­nose this ‘silent disease’

This edi­tion of Air­ing Pain has been sup­port­ed by a grant from The D’Oyly Carte Char­i­ta­ble Trust.

Osteo­poro­sis is a large­ly ignored con­di­tion that affects over 3 mil­lion peo­ple in the UK, with women being more at risk; a con­di­tion which, because the symp­toms are dif­fi­cult to notice by patients, is often referred to as the ‘silent dis­ease’. In this edi­tion of Air­ing Pain, we learn why pre­ven­tion, assess­ment and man­age­ment are key fac­tors to deal with this con­di­tion and devel­op a cor­rect mod­el of care in the health services.

First-off, Paul Evans speaks to Dr Emma Clark, Con­sul­tant in Rheuma­tol­ogy & Osteo­poro­sis at North Bris­tol Trust, to find out about the caus­es and char­ac­ter­is­tics of osteo­poro­sis. She dis­cuss­es how osteo­poro­sis can be ignored or mis­di­ag­nosed as osteoarthri­tis, as well as ways in which we can look after our bone health. Dr Clark also talks about how she is cur­rent­ly devel­op­ing a clin­i­cal tool for pri­ma­ry care pro­fes­sion­als to help them iden­ti­fy signs of osteo­poro­sis when they meet with their patients.

Paul also speaks to Sarah Ley­land, Nurse Con­sul­tant at the Roy­al Osteo­poro­sis Soci­ety, about the new focus on pre­ven­tion, main­ly in terms of lifestyle changes and devel­op­ing a mod­el of care designed to iden­ti­fy peo­ple who are at high­er risk of osteo­porot­ic frac­tures. She also describes the range of phys­i­cal exer­cis­es she has devel­oped to reduce the risk of frac­tures and help with pain after fractures.

Issues cov­ered in this pro­gramme include: Frac­tures, bone health, osteo­poro­sis, osteo­poro­sis pre­ven­tion, osteo­poro­sis symp­toms, risk of frac­tures, spinal frac­ture, aging, elder­ly peo­ple, ver­te­bral frac­ture, ver­ti­cal frac­ture and weak bones.


  • Dr Emma Clark, Rheuma­tol­ogy & Osteo­poro­sis Con­sul­tant at North Bris­tol NHS Trust
  • Sarah Ley­land, Osteo­poro­sis Nurse Con­sul­tant at the Roy­al Osteo­poro­sis Society.

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