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IASP Global Year against Pain in the Most Vulnerable

The International Association for the Study of Pain (IASP) has made 2019 their ‘Global Year against Pain in the Most Vulnerable’. The groups included in IASP’s Global Year against Pain in the Most Vulnerable are: older persons (including pain in dementia), infants and young children, individuals with cognitive impairments (non-dementia-related) or psychiatric disorders, and pain in survivors of torture. Alongside healthcare professionals, patients and other members of the public IASP have created a campaign to highlight the needs of individuals who cannot articulate their pain in ways that health professionals can easily understand or whose pain problems are underestimated and so they are more likely to receive inadequate pain control. IASP president, Dr Lars Arendt-Nielsen, discussed how that this year was created because he feels that ‘so much needless suffering could be alleviated if only the right clinical approaches were applied, the right policies adopted, and the right partners engaged, including patient advocacy organizations’.


The Airing Pain episodes that address these issues are listed below:

Programme 3: Children in pain

Programme 4: Diet, CBT and mindfulness

Programme 6: Pacing and arthritis

Programme 10: Young people in pain

Programme 18: Growing Old with Pain

Programme 22: Pain Support Groups and Facial Expressions

Programme 27: Arthritis – Challenging Perceptions

Programme 28: Challenging Pain

Programme 40: Children in pain

Programme 44: Pain management at both extremes of life

Programme 57: Self-management, psychology and “physio-terrorists Stiff joints and dark thoughts

Programme 66: Not a burden

Programme 71: Protect our girls

Programme 78: Putting children’s pain in the picture

Programme 82: Pain, PTSD and perfume

Programme 83: Arthritis

Programme 89: Dementia


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