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Airing Pain 11: Music and Knitting

Paul Evans learns to knit, and how music can be used for pain relief

Paul Evans gets a knitting lesson when he visits the Stitchlinks group in Bath, where people use craft activities to manage their pain. Betsan Corkhill and Mike Osbourne talk about the medical science behind it, while the knitting group talk about their own experiences. We also meet Dr Laura Mitchell who subjects volunteers to pain tolerance testing to see how music can help relieve feelings of pain.

Issues covered in this programme include: Music, knitting, mindfulness, arts and crafts, pain perception, social contact, group programme, meditative state, PTSD, psychology research, alternative therapy, confidence and relaxation.


  • Betsan Corkhill, Stitchlinks
  • Dr Mike Osborn, The Science of Stitchlinks
  • Stitchlinks Members, Their Experiences
  • Dr Laura Mitchell, Music and Pain.
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