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Britain’s first pain management programme in Urdu set for lift off

Urdu speakers in Bradford will soon have access to a pain management programme in their mother tongue with the launch of a new service in October.

Physiotherapist Mohammad Shoiab (pictured) of Bradford Teaching Hospitals NHS Trust Living with Pain team joined forces with fellow Urdu-speaking colleagues, clinical psychologist Razia Bhatti Ali, GP Asim Suleman and chaplaincy manager Mohammad Arshad to push forward the scheme. They realised that English language programmes were difficult to access for many people in their community and successfully piloted an Urdu programme earlier this year.

As well as overcoming linguistic barriers to treatment, the new Urdu pain management programme is designed to be as culturally accessible as possible. Mr Shoiab explains: ‘we have adapted the traditional pain management programme, making it not only language specific but also culturally specific. Concepts such as self-management, goal setting, pacing and relaxation are not universally known.’

‘Patients say the programme is like finding a light at the end of a tunnel, as they had previously struggled to come to terms with living with persistent pain and lacked access to a language or culturally-specific source of information,’ says Mr Shoiab. ‘Many tears are shed.’

Read more about the programme here.

The Bradford Living with Pain team have produced a leaflet on Islam and chronic pain and another on physiotherapy and prayer for Muslim patients.

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Hello there, just to say we have an Urdu pain management group that runs in Luton although it is not MDT. It would be very interesting to see if we can share some ideas or even leaflets since pain management in Urdu is incredibly difficult to find.

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