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Greetings. We at Pain Concern hope that the contact you had with our helpline was informational and supportive. To help us monitor and improve this service, please provide answers to the following questions. Your answers will be stored anonymously. Thank you for completing this form. The information collected is important for helping us raise the funding necessary to continue operating this helpline.

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Without the help of Heather on Help Line and several phone calls her mention of top Neurologists we would still be struggling going nowhere trying to even get a diagnosis and a slim hope of treatment for a very talented 17 yr olds headaches triggered when a cupboard door fell on her head nearly 2 years ago.

We had been backwards and forwards to consultants in Reading , Oxford, Bracknell, Gt Ormond St and not one single one of them despite very very clear descriptions of a very specific small area and debilitating kind of pain and a fortune in utterly useless and powerful mind altering drugs or nonsense talking therapy even recognise what it took Heathers mentioned Neurologist just minutes to diagnose and offer a glimmer of hope of treatment .

The condition might be supposedly rare although I strongly suspect simply goes unrecognised by vast numbers of doctors and consultants to the detriment of sufferers and effective research

The 17yrold still faces a very challenging future in her hope to obtain a first class degree and get to the top of what should have been a glittering career but at least now there is hope wheras over the last 2 years theres been nothing but arrogant ignorance on behalf of numerous medics never mind the negligence of the company whose downright stupidity caused the problem in 1st place

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Thank Goodness for the work and the workers of Pain Concern! Thank you for what you are so ably doing.
In the region where I live (in France, near the Swiss border), although the doctors are great, it seems that there is negligable attention paid to pain management and no helpline exists, to my knowledge.
As someone with M.S (and early-onset arthritis too) I am in pain constantly and I would like to offer Pain Concern workers many thanks indeed, and much encouragement in your crucially important work.

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I telephoned about finding support with chronic pain and its various complications, at around 4pm on 13/9/2018. The lady was extremely kind and very helpful and I felt like I was given hope, both in the sense of feeling less isolated and in the form of some very helpful practical suggestions to follow up on. Thank you very much

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