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Tag: patient voice

Airing Pain 39: National Pain Audit

March 14 , 2013
1 Comment
The state of pain services in England and Wales: the National Pain Audit’s findings revealed At the launch of the National Pain Audit at the Science Museum in London, Paul Evans talks to people who took a leading role in its development about the need for an audit ...

Airing Pain 36: Societal Impact of Pain

July 04 , 2012
1 Comment
Evaluating the cost of chronic pain to society and improving public health policy on pain This programme was funded by an educational grant from Grünenthal. In this programme we explore issues affecting the management of chronic pain across the diverse societies of Europe. In May 2012 over 400 delegates representing ...

Airing Pain 30: SUCCESSful Research into Chronic Conditions

April 05 , 2012
1 Comment
How a patient group is getting involved in setting health policy for chronic conditions This programme was funded by Pain Concern’s supporters and friends. How can patients with chronic pain get involved with research into managing their condition? Producer Paul Evans talks to SUCCESS (Service Users with Chronic Conditions ...

Airing Pain 26: Transforming Pain Services: Joining up pain management and involving the patient

February 14 , 2012
1 Comment
The health professionals working to improve pain management, and the importance of getting patients more involved. This programme was funded by Pain Concern’s supporters and friends. The relationship between doctor and patient is crucial in managing pain. In this programme we look at how the British Pain Society’s newly ...