IASP Global Year against Pain in the Most Vulnerable

The International Association for the Study of Pain (IASP) has made 2019 their ‘Global Year against Pain in the Most Vulnerable’. The groups included in IASP’s Global Year against Pain in the Most Vulnerable are: older persons (including pain in dementia), infants and young children,
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Airing Pain 106: Pain Education for Doctors, Patients, and Parents

What can be done to implement better pain education for doctors, patients and parents, and trusting your pharmacist when in doubt. This edition has been funded by Pain Concern supporter and cyclist Ade and The Sackler Trust According to the British Pain Society, doctors and other heal
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Transcript – Programme 89: Dementia

The challenges of pain management in people with dementia, different medications and why an iPod could be latest tool in our first aid kit. To listen to this programme, please click here. Prefer a PDF? Please click here. This programme was funded by grant from W G Edwards and the Crud
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