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Airing Pain 14: Recent Developments in Nerve Pain and How To Get a Good Night’s Rest

What is a spinal cord stim­u­la­tor and could it help you to man­age your pain? Plus, com­plex region­al pain syn­drome, mir­ror ther­a­py for phan­tom limbs, and how chron­ic pain affects and is affect­ed by sleep

Paul Evans meets Edith Mowatt who has nerve root pain and hears how she has learned to man­age her con­di­tion and about her expe­ri­ence of spinal cord stim­u­la­tion. We hear a doctor’s view on these machines from Dr Steve Gilbert, and how they can also be used to treat com­plex region­al pain syn­drome. Dr Can­dy McCabe tells us more about this con­di­tion, as well as the use of mir­rors in ther­a­py for phan­tom limb pains.

Final­ly, Pro­fes­sor Mark Bla­grove and Dr Nicole Tang explain how pain affects sleep, and how a good night’s rest with the help of cog­ni­tive behav­iour­al ther­a­py can ease pain symptoms.

Issues cov­ered in this pro­gramme include: CPRS, com­plex region­al pain syn­drome, nerve root pain, insom­nia, phan­tom limb pain, mir­ror ther­a­py, CBT, cog­ni­tive behav­iour­al ther­a­py, NRS, non-recu­per­a­tive sleep, sci­at­i­ca, spinal cord stim­u­la­tor, frac­ture pain and visualisation.


  • Edith Mowatt, Nerve Root Pain
  • Dr. Steve Gilbert, Queen Mar­garet Hos­pi­tal, Fife
  • Pro­fes­sor Can­dy McCabe, Com­plex Region­al Pain Syn­drome, Phan­tom Limbs and Mir­ror Therapy
  • Pro­fes­sor Mark Bla­grove, Sleep and Pain
  • Dr Nicole Tang, CBT and Sleep.


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