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Airing Pain 70: The Case for Pain Management

Movement as medicine and putting pain management centre stage

This edition has been funded by a grant from The Hospital Saturday Fund.

Make sure you stand up and do a few stretches after listening to this episode of Airing Pain. ‘Movement is medicine’ for people in pain, says consultant physiotherapist Eve Jenner. But it’s about more than just exercise – physiotherapists can help people understand pain, know the difference between ‘hurt and harm’ and get a better night’s sleep.

Understanding pain matters for doctors and public health officials too, argues pioneer of pain management services Professor Michael Bond. It’s not just political correctness to look at pain as a problem in itself; it’s a question of biology. Changes in the spinal cord make pain persist.

Getting the message across could be a matter of life and death. Research suggests that delays in the diagnosis and treatment of persistent pain can reduce life expectancy, Dr Manohar Sharma says. He explains why working as a team of different specialists, including the person in pain, is crucial for making the complex spinal interventions he specialises in succeed.

Issues covered in this programme include: Stretching, activity, exercise, physiotherapy, sleep, insomnia, spinal intervention, pain as a condition in its own right, policy, surgery, educating health professionals and the multidisciplinary approach.


  • Michael Bond, retired Professor of Psychological Medicine and Pain Concern patron
  • Manohar Sharma, Clinical Director of Pain Medicine at The Walton Centre
  • Eve Jenner, independent Consultant Physiotherapist.
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At last! Someone with real exesptire gives us the answer. Thanks!

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For6 days I have been climbing the wall in pain with shingles without the rash

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