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Walk Your Dog Month

While #WalkYourDogMonth is an attempt to encourage people to exercise their dogs regularly, the team at Pain Concern reckon that it’s a great opportunity to consider the positive effects that regular dog walks can have for the owners too – whether living with pain, or not.

It goes without saying that we also wanted to introduce you to some of the furry friends who are part of the Pain Concern Community – the pets who belong to our team and volunteers.

We acknowledge that for many people, pain will be a barrier to getting out and about with a dog, so finding exercise within your abilities is key. With that in mind, here are some of our resources that can help with building your fitness:

Pain Concern Pooches:

A dog sits by the shore, with The Forth Rail Bridge beyond.

This is Marley, who belongs to Sam, our People, Project & Operations Manager at Pain Concern. 

Sam says ‘Taking Marley ‘walkies’ really helps me to relax and meet my daily step count.  It’s always nice to meet other dogs and have a chat with their owners too!’.

An owner cuddles with a dog with sand dunes behind.
Lindsay and Dexter

This is Lindsay with her dog Dexter. Lindsay volunteers on the Pain Concern Listener and Reader panel.

Lindsay says ‘Dexter helps me in getting me out every day and socialising with people. He’s always there to comfort me on the bad days to cheer me up but he does hog the bed!

A dog looks up.

Ali reviews and proofreads Pain Matters articles and podcasts. This is Ali’s dog Magic, so named for the white tip on her black tail.

Ali says ‘She gets me out in all weathers and even if I am almost completely seized up a walk invariably helps ease those joints and takes my mind somewhere much more pleasurable.

A dog on a beach with it's ball.

Miriam is the Media and Production Co-ordinator at Pain Concern, and owner of Bertie.

Miriam says ‘walking my dog Bertie gets me out in all weathers. I always feel refreshed and more relaxed after we’ve been out together – and I love cuddles with him too!’


Fiona is a volunteer on the helpline, this is Fiona’s dog Betsy.

Fiona says ‘She loves her walks and since getting her I’ve made a whole new group of friends. I have persistent pain but having Betsy makes me get out and about every single day and I absolutely love her to bits

A large dog sits with an adult on a sofa.

Owen is an audio transcriber for Pain Concern and has kindly sent in a picture of his dog Champ, who suddenly passed away last December. Owen says ‘We are utterly devastated and miss him dearly. I think the following quote form Dean Koontz will resonate with anyone who has lost a dearly loved dog: Once you’ve had a wonderful dog, a life without one is a life diminished.’

Two dogs run across a sandy beach.
Heather’s dogs

Heather is the CEO of Pain Concern and dearly misses her dogs above, whom she used to walk. She continues to walk her sister’s gorgeous dog, pictured below.

Heather says ‘My dogs helped me to get out and about and meet people. They loved every walk, even the short walks. Watching their radiant faces and shining eyes, lifts your spirits, as does saying ‘good day’ to others as you pass by.’

A dog up a hill with sea beyond.

Find out more about what Pain Concern does, and our current volunteering opportunities – pet dogs are welcome but optional!

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