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Breaking Barriers: Self-Management Awareness Week 2015!

New award-winning research reveals self-management as a key route to improvement for people with chronic pain!

Pain Concern has just released a new and unique study offering hope to the one-in-five people affected by and living with persistent pain in Scotland.

Launched as part of Self-Management Awareness Week, (28 September-2 October), the new resources aim to dispel the myth that self-management of lifelong conditions such as persistent pain is a lonely, last resort option.

“We have known for a long time, based on medical evidence and Scottish Government guidelines that people with chronic pain cope better if they can be empowered to self-manage their condition. It’s not a cure, but in many cases it can help provide a better quality of life. The Barriers study first set out to identify problems and challenges that can arise for both healthcare professionals and people with chronic pain in a clinical or community setting.”

Katy Gordon (Pain Concern Researcher)

The team behind the ‘Barriers Project’ – a two-year study which initially identified issues preventing people getting the best support from their GP – later developed a series of resources and videos, based on the latest recommendations to guide people towards the benefits of self-management of chronic pain.

The project was funded by the Health and Social Care Alliance and the Edinburgh and Lothians Health Foundation and we are working in association with Alliance Scotland on a larger media campaign focusing on the Self-Management Awareness Week 2015.

Self-Management Week takes place each year to celebrate the variety of self-management projects throughout Scotland and raise awareness about people living well with long term conditions. The Self-Management Awards celebrate achievement, innovation and inspiration in self-management. Click here for more information!

All the videos from the project are free to watch now within our Resources section.

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