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NSAID Study Results

Last year some of our members kindly contributed to a study carried out by the University of Strathclyde on behalf of HIS (Healthcare Improvement Scotland). This study aimed to explore the advice and support offered to patients by pharmacists taking common painkillers known as NSAIDs (Non-Steroidal Anti-Inflammatory Drugs eg. ibuprofen, naproxen). They were particularly wanting to find out if a newly developed NSAID toolkit provided to community pharmacists had made any impact on the advisory practices. The overall aim is to improve patient safety.

The study is now complete and here are some of the their findings:

Staff Insights

  • Staff using the toolkit are more likely to use the practical resources (such as the till prompts or stickers).

  • Staff who have used the Toolkit report their confidence has increased. Also the amount and quality of their advice they offer has improved.

Insights from those collecting or purchasing NSAIDs

  • There is variation in the delivery of NSAIDs information and advice across community pharmacies.

  • When people do receive advice around NSAIDs safety they find this helpful.

  • People who have been given advice say they are more likely to go to a pharmacy for advice in the future.
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