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Pain at Work (PAW) Toolkit

We are very pleased to announce a new pain management toolkit designed for people who experience pain in the work place, or whose chronic pain impacts their work day.

To access the PAW Toolkit please click here!

“This toolkit aims to provide supportive information, advice and guidance for people working in any role, organisation and sector, who experience chronic or persistent pain. This toolkit is for anyone with chronic or persistent pain. Your pain may or may not be related to a disability. Everyone’s experience of chronic or persistent pain is different and each person’s needs at work vary and can change over time. This is a large toolkit, please read it at your own pace and use what you need, when you need it. Different sections and resources may be useful to you at different times.”

The PAW Toolkit has 5 key sections:

  1. What is chronic or persistent pain?
  2. Chronic or persistent pain and disability
  3. Work capacity, advice and support
  4. Self-management Strategies 
  5. Resources

Developed by: Greaves S, Somerset S, Abbott-Fleming V, Blake H.  PAW (Pain at Work) Toolkit: A toolkit for people with chronic or persistent pain at work. The University of Nottingham. Version 3: 31 March 2021.

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