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Tag: employment

Airing Pain 119: Experts by Experience: Working together in pain management programmes

November 05 , 2019
Patient volunteers and healthcare professionals on working together in pain management programmes This edition of Airing Pain has been supported by a grant from the Plum Trust. In September, the British Pain Society’s special interest group on pain management programmes held their annual conference. A workshop entitled ‘Experts by ...

Airing Pain 102: Chronic Pain And Resilience

May 01 , 2018
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Exploring what can be done for high-level athletes in the context of chronic pain, and how one man with a spinal injury found himself “in the zone” through cycling This edition is funded by a grant from the Stafford Trust. For top-level athletes, chronic pain can very quickly end ...

Airing Pain 85: Pain in Europe

July 26 , 2016
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Why pain is a matter of life and death, the struggle for diagnosis and challenging misperceptions of palliative care This edition is funded by Grünenthal. Around 20 per cent of Europe’s adult population live with chronic pain and the consequences for individuals and society are devastating. In this edition ...

Pain community flexes muscles in Brussels

June 21 , 2016
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Pamela Bell of Pain Concern and Neil Betteridge of the Chronic Pain Policy Coalition outside the EU Parliament On Thursday 23 June millions of Britons go to the polls to decide whether to leave or remain in the European Union. Of course that’s not an issue Pain Concern ...

Airing Pain 75: Back to Work

November 24 , 2015
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How to move from sick leave to ‘good work’ This edition is funded by a grant from the Moffatt Charitable Trust. As many as a quarter of people with chronic pain go on to lose their jobs, so what can be done to make staying in work more achievable? ...

Poll highlights problem of discrimination at work

July 28 , 2014
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Two-thirds of people in pain have experienced discrimination at work, the findings of an online poll conducted by Pain Concern suggest. One hundred and six people participated in the survey on Pain Concern’s HealthUnlocked forum, with 70 answering ‘Yes’ to the question: ‘Do you feel you have had ...

Kiera Jones

February 04 , 2013
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At the age of 24, Kiera Jones’ career as a scientist was abruptly disrupted by the onset of chronic wrist pain.  She tells us about the frustrations of the condition and how she is gradually finding ways to work around it to get her career back on ...

Airing Pain 35: The Northern Ireland Pain Summit: Pain, policy and employment

June 13 , 2012
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The challenges of improving pain management in Northern Ireland, and raising awareness of chronic pain among businesses This programme was funded by an educational grant from Grünenthal. A special edition of Airing Pain, covering the 2012 Northern Ireland Pain Summit, organised by the Pain Alliance for Northern Ireland. There we ...