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Airing Pain 130: Pain Management Programmes & the Health Unlocked Forum

Scot­land’s Pain Man­age­ment Pro­grammes (PMPs) and what sup­port is avail­able after graduating.

What do you know about Pain Man­age­ment Pro­grammes (PMPs)? Do you know how they func­tion? About the pos­i­tive out­comes they have? Do you know if there are any PMPs near you?


In this episode of Air­ing Pain we learn about PMPs and the com­mu­ni­ties and sup­port net­works that are being formed as a result.


In col­lab­o­ra­tion with Health Unlocked and Alliance Health and Social Care Scot­land, Pain Con­cern have cre­at­ed a small num­ber of online forums designed for peo­ple who have grad­u­at­ed a PMP to stay con­nect­ed and con­tin­ue to sup­port one anoth­er once the pro­gramme has end­ed. These forums are open only to PMP grad­u­ates. Not only can grad­u­ates com­mu­ni­cate with one anoth­er on our Health Unlocked forums, they can also com­mu­ni­cate with the health­care pro­fes­sion­als who deliv­ered their PMP.


For Pain Con­cern this is a pre­lim­i­nary exper­i­ment to deter­mine whether forums like these are ben­e­fi­cial, and if we should cre­ate more!


Paul Evans speaks to Health Unlocked mod­er­a­tor and PMP grad­u­ate Louise Cromie about all things Pain Man­age­ment Pro­grammes, how sup­port net­works can be piv­otal in someone’s pain jour­ney and, of course, about our Health Unlocked forums.


Issues cov­ered in this pro­gramme include: pain man­age­ment pro­grammes, self-man­age­ment, sup­port­ing one anoth­er in pain, pain com­mu­ni­ty, pain edu­ca­tion, the spoon the­o­ry, man­ag­ing pain in a cri­sis, fatigue, burnout

Time Stamps:

00:21 – Louise Cromie & Paul Evans dis­cuss the ori­gins of the Health Unlocked forums.
01:13 – Louise Cromie shares her own jour­ney with chron­ic pain.
03:37 – When doc­tors tell you ‘there’s noth­ing we can do’ & the vital role spe­cial­ist pain teams can play.
06:05 – Being believed & hav­ing your pain expe­ri­ence val­i­dat­ed.
08:36 – A biopsy­choso­cial approach to pain & how to break the cycle of doing too much on good days, then pay­ing for it after.
11:02 – How to man­age your pain in unfore­seen cir­cum­stances.
12:44 – How do Pain Man­age­ment Pro­grammes (PMPs) help peo­ple in pain.
14:53 – The mask we wear when we’re in pain & learn­ing how to low­er it.
20:43 – Help­ing those around you learn about pain & how to be sup­port­ive.
22:50 – How to con­tin­ue cop­ing once a Pain Man­age­ment Pro­gramme ends.
25:14 – How did Pain Con­cern get involved in sup­port­ing PMP grad­u­ates?
27:08 – Louise Cromie on becom­ing a Health Unlocked forum moderator.


  • Louise Cromie, cur­rent Mod­er­a­tor for the Health Unlocked Forum & grad­u­ate of a Pain Man­age­ment Pro­gramme (PMP).

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