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Pain Matters 76 – Out Today

Our new issue, Pain Matters 76, is published today, Monday 7 September

What do we mean when we talk about pain?

In this edition of Pain Matters, we have invited the members of the Flippin’ Pain™ campaign to guest-edit a pain neuroscience education special. A public health campaign delivered by Connect Health, Flippin’ Pain aims to improve health literacy around persistent pain, building on the work done by world-renowned pain scientist and science educator Professor Lorimer Moseley.

As Professor Cormac Ryan says, ‘for over half a century, much of what scientists have learned about pain has remained hidden away in academic journals gathering dust’, unobtainable to the people who need it most: the people who live with pain every day. This edition of Pain Matters, along with the Flippin’ Pain campaign, aims to change this, one step at a time.

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