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Personal Stories

7 observations from a novice marathon runner

October 03 , 2023
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On October 15 Cameron Mckechnie completed the Amsterdam Marathon in aid of Pain Concern - we caught up with him to find out about his endeavour before the run. 1. What inspired you to participate in this fundraising marathon (and have you done anything like this before?)? I ...

From persistent pain to passion project

August 22 , 2023
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Read about Lindsay McLean's experience of a pain management programme from the perspective of a patient, and how it affected her life.

Triathlon challenge

May 25 , 2023
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Dr Mick Serpell, Consultant in Anaesthesia & Pain Medicine for Greater Glasgow & Clyde NHS Let me explain, I work with patients who have chronic pain. My journey as a novice in the triathlon world required me to make changes in my beliefs and behaviours. Changes very similar ...

Pain – A poem by Dinah Milsom

April 25 , 2018
Dinah Milsom, poet and supporter of Pain Concern, has written a poem expressing her experiences with pain. She asked us to post this on our website so other people in pain may read it. Pain The light glows The heart knows This pain endures And so I make ...

Ruth Tickner

January 10 , 2014
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Ruth Tickner describes how pain ‘crept up on her’ over the course of several years and the blind alleys and frustrations she had to face before beginning to rebuild confidence in her body and faith in her future Pain crept up on me. I have a significant mobility ...

The Ellis Family

May 14 , 2013
Tom Ellis developed chronic pain after falling on ice. His father Richard describes how the family pulled together to get through their ‘year from hell’ At the start of 2012 the nation was full of optimism, anticipation and great expectation for the forthcoming year: a year that would ...

Kiera Jones

February 04 , 2013
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At the age of 24, Kiera Jones’ career as a scientist was abruptly disrupted by the onset of chronic wrist pain.  She tells us about the frustrations of the condition and how she is gradually finding ways to work around it to get her career back on ...