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Response to news reports regarding fentanyl

Pain Con­cern sup­ports the fol­low­ing press release from the Roy­al Col­lege of Anaes­thetists and the Fac­ul­ty of Pain Medicine:

 Response to recent news reports regard­ing fen­tanyl:

The Roy­al Col­lege of Anaes­thetists (RCoA) and The Fac­ul­ty of Pain Med­i­cine (FPM) are con­cerned with mis­in­for­ma­tion includ­ed in recent news reports regard­ing the drug fentanyl.

The recre­ation­al use of fen­tanyl, often mixed with oth­er illic­it drugs, is a seri­ous con­cern and we sup­port all efforts to elim­i­nate the mis­use of this drug out­side of a clin­i­cal setting.

How­ev­er, we want to reas­sure patients of the safe­ty of fen­tanyl when pre­scribed by their doc­tor or admin­is­tered by an anaes­thetist in a hospital.

Fen­tanyl is a unique and high­ly effec­tive med­ica­tion which is well-estab­lished in the man­age­ment of com­plex pain prob­lems.  Fen­tanyl is also com­mon­ly used in anaes­thetis­ing patients under­go­ing a sur­gi­cal pro­ce­dure and in inten­sive care.  Patients who have been pre­scribed fen­tanyl to man­age pain or who are about to under­go surgery have no rea­son to be concerned.

Any per­son who has ques­tions about a fen­tanyl pre­scrip­tion should speak to their doctor.

Any mem­ber of the pub­lic look­ing to learn more about opi­oids, includ­ing fen­tanyl, can vis­it our patient infor­ma­tion site.”

Roy­al Col­lege of Anaes­thetists and the Fac­ul­ty of Pain Medicine