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Covid-19 & Managing Pain in Lockdown-Pain Matters 78

Inside issue 78: Our guest editors come from the North Bristol NHS Trust, where, in the past ten years, Nick Ambler and his team have tried hard to create a more personalised form of pain management and support. During the Covid-19 pandemic, this was obviously harder, but Nick wants to show our readers how they have managed to keep things moving and make ‘the best of difficult circumstances’. We also have updates from some other NHS pain services around the UK, on how they have adapted their services to continue providing care during Covid-19 and lockdown.

Also in issue 78, following on from Airing Pain programme 120 on osteoporosis, back in January 2020, Sarah Leyland from the Royal Osteoporosis Society, who contributed to that programme, gives us an overview of this so-called ‘silent disease’.

This issue of Pain Matters was guest-edited by the Pain Clinic Team at the North Bristol NHS Trust, based at Southmead Hospital in Bristol.

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