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Personal Stories

  • 7 observations from a novice marathon runner
    On October 15 Cameron Mckechnie completed the Amsterdam Marathon in aid of…
  • From persistent pain to passion project
    Lindsay Mclean Pain Management Programme participant A graduate of the pain management…
  • Triathlon challenge
    Dr Mick Serpell, Consultant in Anaesthesia & Pain Medicine for Greater Glasgow…
  • Pain – A poem by Dinah Milsom
    Dinah Milsom, poet and supporter of Pain Concern, has written a poem…
  • Ruth Tickner
    Ruth Tickner describes how pain ‘crept up on her’ over the course…
  • The Ellis Family
    Tom Ellis developed chronic pain after falling on ice. His father Richard describes how the family pulled together to get through their ‘year from hell’
  • Kiera Jones
    At the age of 24, Kiera Jones’ career as a scientist was abruptly disrupted by the onset of chronic wrist pain. She tells us about the frustrations of the condition and how she is gradually finding ways to work around it to get her career back on track


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